Byrd Call is an internationally renowned performance collective that combines unique instruments with advanced beats and choreography into a high-energy, all-sensory entertainment experience. The group consists of a variety of talented female artists who, as individuals, have performed in a range of musical and theatrical settings from symphony orchestras to Vegas night-clubs. Possessing a fierce and empowering charisma, an alluring live presence, soaring vocals, and a passionate and comprehensive music sensibility, the women of Byrd Call have taken wing on a global stage and are swiftly rising to new horizons.

Created by Andrew Cohen and Danny Kaplan
Choreographer: Achinta S. McDaniel
Music Consultant: Jonathan McHugh
Beats and Tracks: Thomas Hjorth & Ruwanga Samath
Instruments based on the work of William Close

Katie Boeck
Grethel Bonilla
Heather McManama
Cassie Stevens
Leah Zeger